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Emulsion Agitator

Emulsifying agitator is designed to evenly and stably disperse a phase to another consecutive phase. This emulsion mixer is a kind of shearing and mixing machine with high speed emulsifying, mixing and blending. Our emulsion machine is mainly composed of motor, bearing chock, stand column, stator and rotor. Mechanical and hydraulic high shear is the key of this emulsifying agitator. The precious cooperation of the rotor and stator makes sure that the materials can be sheared hundreds of thousands of times per minute. Application Industry
The emulsifying agitator can be used in medicine lotion, cream, facial mask, pesticide, emulsifying essence, oil-water emulsion, emulsified asphalt, wax emulsion and waterborne polyurethane emulsion.
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Features of Emulsion Mixer

1. This emulsifying agitator owns large capacity and adapts to industrial online continuous production.
2. The emulsion mixer can disperse and emulsify the materials into superfine particles.
3. Characteristics of this emulsion machine include smooth operation, high efficient, low noise, easy maintenance, continuous use and a wide processing viscosity range.
4. This emulsion agitator has no dead angle, and the materials can 100% through the work cavity without residue.
5. Our vacuum emulsifying agitator equipped with heating & cooling system which simplifies the processing.

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Why Choose Us

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