Vacuum Emulsification Mixer 2017-12-23

ZRJ-300L Vacuum Emulsification Mixer

1. Outer dimension: main machine: 3200×2500×2250 MM; The maximum lifting height: 3200.
2. Emulsification Tank: working volume: 300L; material: SUS316L; electricity heating and steam heating, water cooling
3. Structure: three layer, top and bottom sealing heads, top sealing head connecting with the tank by the flange, bottom sealing head connecting with the tank directly, the material for inner side of the tank is 316L, thickness: 6mm, inner polish: 300MESH(hygiene grade), jacket material: SUS304, thickness: 4mm, working pressure: 0.3Mpa, heat preservation coat: 304, thickness: 2mm, outer polish: 300MESH(hygiene grade), weld crack polish, heat preservation material, adopting on PU bubble liquid working art.
4. There are three sets of mixing system in the tank:
1. High speed scissors: power: 5kw; turn speed: 0-3200r/min
2. Overflow frame-shape mixer: power: 2.2kw; turn speed: 70r/min
3. Backwards mixer: 2.2kw; turn speed: 0-70r/min
5. Main parts from the tank: product inlet filter; product fitting inlet; vacuum sucking outlet; germless breath mouth; mirror with light and brush; temperature sensor; CIP cleaner; product outlet; safety valve; pressure meter; negative pressure sensor, etc.
6. Hydraulic pressure system:
Oil box, oil cylinder, electromagnetic valve, overflow control valve.
7. Vacuum system:
Main tank vacuum pump ZBV2061, air drawing volume 52㎡/h, motor power:1.5kw
8. Electric control system:
Electric component is Schneider brand, frequency convertor is Matsushita, press button is Schneider brand. Meter and sensor, temperature is the best quality made in china. Temperature control, data input, automatic control.
9. Seals Material of seals is silicon rubber seals.
10. Connecting way of Clamping Nut for the connector of wire end
11. The machine has two parts, bottom settlings can be fixed on the platform (the stand for oil tank and water tank)
12. Outer surface for each corner is arc shape, and the touch feeling is soft.