Fully Automatic WPL High Effective Dosing Machine, Mainly for Dairy Products 2017-12-09

This dosing machine is most importantly used in dairy products, beverages, food and pharmacy.

Operation Principle:

WPL efficient online mixer system is the lastest generation of solid and liquid, liquid and liquid fast, efficient hybrid systems equipment. The system has powerful Central vacuum of power system to ensure operation of the system efficient, safe and reliable, but also the clever design of a set of precise and bit Rotor will close subsystems, two systems synergy, working togother. So that non-homogenous materials in a small space rapidly and thoroughly mixed and heterogenerous, and may even be a meticulous verification of stablibity to repeat production results.


1. Having mixed, stirring, decentralized, heterougenerous, emulsion, homogenized and other functions, high unvesality.

2. Production stablity uniform, can be infinitely repeated verification, most important in dairy products, berverages, food and pharmaceut

3. No powder, no clumps of a lectin.

4. High effciency, rapidly reducing 80% time comparing with other traditional process.

5. Extensive application for automatic production lines, but also for different batch production applications.

6. Particularly applicable to high viscosity, and material which is difficulty to dissove(viscosty up to 90000MPS)

7. Hassle free equipment can be fully online CIP/SIP, meeting the health requirements and standards.

8. Small space, easy intergration with other systems, saving cost.

Technical Parameters

Model Flow(m2/h) Power of pump Power of self-pupming Speed(r/min)
WPL-140 0.1-3 4.0KW 1.5KW 2800/1400
WPL-140 0.3-6 7.5KW 4.0KW 2800/1400
WPL-140 1.0-10 11KW 5.5KW 2800/1400
WPL-140 1.0-20 18KW 7.5KW 2800/1400