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Portable Mixer

Portable Mixer has advantages of high degree of automation, mixing of good quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, easy operation, fast discharge, plate and blade service life is long, convenient maintenance. With our precious experience and professional knowledge, we will provide our best pre-sale and after-sale service for you.Work together with us, you will find enjoyable and successful business is so easy.

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Portable Mixer


TK lightweight portable agitator is a type of subminiature efficient agitator. Absorbing many advanced technologies from domestic and foreign counterparts, this clamp-on agitator adopts alloy material manufactured motor and planetary transmission to make its weight and volume become microminiature. Because the portable agitator is in the domestic leading level, we have applied for the patent and form large scaled manufacture to reduce the cost greatly.

2.Features of TK Lightweight Portable Mixer

1) Characteristics of this portable agitator include compact structure, small volume, light weight and smooth running.
2)This clamp-on agitator has the following advantages, such as stable operation, large bearing capacity, long service life and convenient to use.
3) New clamping mechanism makes this portable agitator fixed at any angle with a range from 0 to 900.
4)This motor drive portable mixer has a high efficiency of transmission, with the efficiency over 97%.
5) The main components of this clamp-on agitator with less noise are processed accurately, and assembled and tested carefully.

Shanghai LINKER Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and manufacturer of portable agitator in China. Our mixer machines mainly include dispersator machine, clamp-on agitator, magnetic stirrer, belt drive mixer, gear drive agitator, coaxial agitator, submersible mixer, industrial spiral mixer, ribbon mixer and mixing machine. A number of our mixing equipment and motor drive portable mixers have won patents for national invention and utility model.

3.Main Technical Standards of Portable Agitator

Type Power Speed Size Weight
TKO 0.1 100 20 <1000 215 90 150 100 150 160 180 <9
TKO 0.2 150 20 <1000 230 90 150 180 200 <10
TK1 0.4 200 25 <1200 290 90 155 200 250 300 <25
TK2 0.75 250 30 <1400 370 95 200 250 300 350 <30
TK3 1.1 300 35 <1800 345 100 250 300 350 400 <40
TK4 1.5 760 40 <2200 370 105 250 350 400 <55
TK4 2.2 960 40 <2200 410 105 250 400 500 <60

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

1. We have the rich experience Research & Development group and exquisitetechnology to custom-made a suitable product for customers.
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