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Pulp & Paper Chest Mixing Agitator

This paper pulp agitator can freely alter revolving speed in the process of stirring according to the change of the liquid viscosity. This pulp chest agitator is applicable for storing and mixing circulation of the stock in pulping and papermaking industry. The paper pulp agitator used in paper-making industry adopts high strength and hard-toothed surface gear transmission to drive, which can guarantee a stable out-flow consistency when agitating pulp slurry. The impellers mounted on this pulp chest agitator are manufactured in compact duplex stainless steel without shaft lining.
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Shanghai LINKER Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of paper pulp agitator in China. Our products mainly include mixing impeller, mixers, dispersator, portable mixer, magnetic agitator, belt drive mixer, pulp chest agitator, mixing agitator and mixing support. We can offer paper pulp agitators which are more optimized and reliable as well as lower process maintenance and operation costs. We adopt professional standard specifications and strict quality management system to ensure the agitator for papermaking can meet the demands of customers.

Features of Pulp & Paper Chest Mixing Agitator

1. This mixing agitator for papermaking industry adopts continuous-variable transmission system with handle operation to vary ideal speed easily. 2. The paper pulp agitator can obtain strong and powerful stirring effect with low energy consumption and low noise. 3. This pulp chest agitator has the features of stable and reliable operation, compact appearance and long service life.
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