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TS Type Lightweight Portable Mixer

TS type adjustable speed portable mixer is a kind of subminiature efficient agitator. Absorbing many advanced technologies from domestic and foreign counterparts, this motor drive variable speed mixer adopts alloy material manufactured motor and planetary transmission to make its weight and volume become microminiature. Because this adjustable speed portable mixer is in the domestic leading level, we have applied for the patent and form large scaled manufacture to reduce the cost greatly.Please believe that we will be able to make you want to products.if you are interested in our products, we are hope you can contact us, we will be sure to make you satisfied.

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Main Technical Standards

Main Technical Standards of Adjustable Speed Portable Mixer

0.2 TS0 200-1000 20 286 <1000 90 150 100 150 160 180 <15
0.4 TS1 80-400 25 340 <1200 90 155 150 180 200 250 <25
0.75 TS2 60-300 30 382 <1400 95 200 250 300 <45
1.1 TS3 40-200 35 433 <1800 100 250 300 350 <70
1.5 458 <75
2.2 TS4 40 533 <2200 105 250 350 400 <85


Shanghai LINKER Industry Co., Ltd. supplies mixing impeller, dispersator machine, portable agitator, adjustable speed portable mixer, magnetic stirrer, belt drive mixer, gear drive agitator and mixing stands for your choice. We adopt professional standard specifications and strict quality management system to ensure the technologies and variable speed mixer which can indeed meet the demands of customers. We export our agitation equipment as well as lightweight portable mixer to Japan, Korea, Russia, Singapore, Canada, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine and Mexico.


Features of TS Ajustable Speed Portable Mixer

1. TS portable mixer adds speed adjusting function.
2. Characteristics of this variable speed mixer include compact structure, small volume, light weight and smooth running.
3. This motor drive adjustable speed portable mixer has the following advantages, such as stable operation, large bearing capacity, long service life and convenient to use.
4. New clamping mechanism makes this propeller variable speed mixer fixed at any angle with a range from 0 to 900.
5. This variable speed mixer has a high efficiency of transmission, with the efficiency over 97%.
6. The main components of this adjustable speed portable mixer with less noise are processed accurately, and assembled and tested carefully.

Buying Procedure

Buying Procedure

1. Enquiry: Please contact us by email,phone and let me know your inquiry.
2. Discussion: specify the items you desire, confirm specification.
3. Delivery Item: FOB QINGDAO ( If you want to deal with EXW/CIF/CNF term instead of FOB, please specify)
4. Payment: 50% T/T in advance, balance 50% before shipment, western union, escrow, l/c.
5. Production Lead Time: 7~10 days for 20' container, 15~20 days for 40' container.