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Vacuum Emulsifying Machine has 3 layers,under special light processing.This machine adopt upside homogenizing,no blind angle when processing the material,could set the homogenizing time according to the different material,voltage 220V,power 0.75KW,maximum speed of revolution is 2900 R/M.
The homogenizer made by advanced German technology,has special structure.The material would exercise in the rotor and stator in a high speed and he homogenizer’s strong kinetic energy produced high tangent velocity and high-frequency mechanical effect,they make the material been sheared,extruded,clashed in the narrow space of stator and rotor,so that the micronization,emulsification,commixture,homogenizing and dispersion of materials could be finished in a very short time.The pot cover has lighting observation hole,the emulsification conditions could be under controll.And it also equip with microscale material entrance for adding the essence.The materials would come out from the bottom of the pot,easily infusing into the filling machine and then do the filling process,also is easy to pour out and clean.