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ZJR-1000 Vacuum Emulsifying Machine

the ZJR series vacuum emulsifying machine install homogeneous blender,center blade,scrape blender to make the perfect products.Vacuumizing can make sure there is no bubbles anymore,and make shiny,excellent and high ductility products. Please believe that we will be able to make you want to products. Introduced here is just a small part of the product function, if you are interested in our products, we are hope you can contact us, we will be sure to make you satisfied.

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ZJR-1000 Vacuum Emulsifying Machine


Oil pot,water pot,vacuum emulsifying machine,heating system,stirring system,vacuum system,manual lifting system,piping system,the most suitable ointment making machine for high quality products
LINKER Vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machine is an ideal option to produce high-grade skin care products, pharmacy ointment, and many other kinds of creams which need to be very soft and smooth. It has the functions of heating, mixing, scraping, rotating at different speeds and vacuum supply. It has a very wide application from cosmetics (skin cream, hair gel, lotion ect) and food (jam, chocolate, sauces ect) to pharmacy (ointment, syrup, paste) and chemicals(painting, adhesives, detergents).


Vacuum homogenizer is for pharmaceutical industry,daily chemical industry and scientific research institution to produce creams,honey,latex emulsion,it is design by our company. It has attractive appearance,small volume,light weight,and all the material contact parts using high quality stainless steel(304 for simple and 316L for medicine usage).All the joints in the pot adopts smooth arc excessive,the discharging using fastigiate dumping which can guarantee there is no defective material in the pot.The shear doing the intermittent exercises to homogenize the material.Stator and rotor are designed in finger-type occlusion way.Materials could be inhale from upside and downside at the same time,thus can improve the shear possiblility.And also could avoid blind angle.It is suitable for meticulous emulsion,high quality dispersion and high efficiency to mixture.Accord with GMP standard.


Discharging modes are turn the emulsifying pot and discharging from bottom valve.The electric heat pipe heat the heat-conducting medium and then heating the material.Heating temperature could be set as requirement and automatic control.Infusing the cooling liquid into the interlayer could achieve the cooling,easy to operate,there is an insulating layer outside the interlayer.Homogeneous system and stirring system could been used separately or using in the same time.The material micronization,emulsification,mixture,homogenizing,dispersion could been finished in a short time.All the material contact parts adopted stainless steel(for normal is 304 stainless steel,for medical is 316L stainless steel ).The internal surface been bright finish.The vacuum mixing is clean and sanitary.Manufactured in accordance with GMP hygiene standards,it is the ideal machine for clients to make ointment.

4.Technological Process

5.Working Principle

First of all,the material will be heated and stirred in the warter pot and oil pot,then pumped into the emulsifying pot by vacuum pump,the scraped mixer and the center of impeller will do the two way shear,compression and folding to make the material go to the homogenizer,the homogenizer’s strong kinetic energy produced high tangent velocity and high-frequency mechanical effect,they make the material been sheared,extruded,clashed in the narrow space of stator and rotor,so that the micronization,emulsification,commixture,homogenizing and dispersion of material

The emulsifying pot could vacuumizing and take out the bubble produced in the process.

6.Range of Application

Cosmetics:cream, emulsion, toothpaste, eyelash cream, shampoo, shower gel, hair dye Medicine:ointment, preparation, cell pulpifying, pharmaceutical synthesis, vaccines, fat emulsion, suspension Food:Salad dressing, mayonnaise, ice cream, cheese, yogurt, beverage, fruit juice, milk. Chemical products:Lubricating grease,dye,resin,pitch,silicone oil,flocculant, white carbon black, photosensitive agent, synthetic rubber, nanometer material

7.Technical Feature

The major problems during the process of high viscosity emulsion homogenizing and emulsification especially the cream, ointment,are the dispersion phase is too large and the interfusion of air.Large dispersion phase could make the emulsion unstable and lack of gloss.The interfusion of air could make bubbles in products,cause bacterial pollution,easily oxidized and rough surface.Aimed at these two major problems,the ZJR series vacuum emulsifying machine install homogeneous blender,center blade,scrape blender to make the perfect products.Vacuumizing can make sure there is no bubbles anymore,and make shiny,excellent and high ductility products.

8.Technical Parameters

NAME ZJR- 1000
Emulsifying Pot Design Volume(L) 1000
Capacity(L) 800
Scraper Stirring Power(KW) 7.5
Scraper Stirring Speed(rpm) 0-45
Homogenizer Power( KW ) 11
Homogenizer Speed (rpm) 2800
Electrical Heating Power( KW ) 24
Vacuum degree(mpa) -0.095
Water Pot Design Volume(L) 600
Capacity(L) 480
Power( KW ) 1.5
Speed(rpm) 960
Electrical Heating Power( KW ) 18
Oil Pot Design Volume (L) 500
Capacity (L) 440
Power ( KW ) 1.5
Speed (rpm) 960
Electrical Heating Power ( KW ) 18
Dimension Overall(L* W* H)mm 3800*3600*3300-4700

9.Major dispositions configure device producing area(also could according to clients request)

Transducer Watson(Shenzhen)
Motor Huashun(Nanjing)
Reduction drive Fupeng(Wuxi)
Vacuum pump Tingwei(Wenling)
316L Stainless steel Baosteel(Shanghai)
304 Stainless steel Baosteel(Shanghai)
Main electric components Zhengtai(Zhejiang)